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If you want to hear the latest episodes before everyone else, have access to all our documentary series and help support us, you can subscribe to the Svarttrost Dok podcast.

A subscription can be made via Spotify for Podcasters or Apple Podcasts, and costs NOK 49 per month.

Press the subscribe button in Apple's podcast player, or follow this link to subscribe to Spotify:

As a subscriber, you get access to all our content as soon as it's released, and you'll also get exclusive bonus episodes that can only be accessed with an active subscription.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, follow the link in the email you received from Apple or Spotify for Podcasters upon registration. Alternatively, you can manage your subscriptions in Apple here: Subscriptions and Billing - Official Apple Support or contact Spotify for Podcasters by pressing the field that says "Start messaging" here: Support - Spotify for Podcasters 

Are you having problems getting your podcast subscription to "Svarttrost Dok" to work? We answer the most frequently asked questions here.

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